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This article describes how to use the Link Tracking functionality for Tracking Offline Products. Using this is very easy and takes about 5 seconds to have a print-ready tracking code for your products.

This guide is written for new users who are looking to learn on how to use the link tracking  functions in their account to track offline product usage over the world.
You need a verified email to start receiving incoming traffic data.

Using the Link Tracker

Log into your account and head to Links – Add New.

You can also use the shortcuts at your home screen when logging into your account.
  1. Paste the full link that you want to track on your products in the “Link URI” field.
  2. Name your tag something that helps you identify it, we suggest the serial number or product part number.
  3. In the optional “platform” field, define in one or two words the store or distribution network where this products will be delivered from.
  4. In the optional “description” field, type the name of the product itself.
  5. In the optional “additional” field, you can type the version or product family to further identify this specific link’s usage.

After filling the fields, click on “CREATE” to have your link shortened and tagged into the system.

You will also receive a QR code that you can save and use anywhere to print your tracked link on any product.

Example 1: Use this codes to track a QR Code printed on your warranty and support papers, maybe a sticker directly on the warranty-covered parts so you know when and what do your consumers need help when they try to resolve their issues by themselves.
Example 2: Print this code leading to a promotional landing site that gives your consumers a discount or special offer on their next purchase directly on your products to see their usage on real time once they are off your hands and into the market. Are your final consumers interested on your offer? Are retail stores wrongly using these links before the consumers? Find it all out.
Dont worry if you use the wrong name of paste the wrong link, you can change them anytime you want.
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