Link Tracking – Getting Started

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This article describes how to use Link Tracking functionality in your account. Using this is very easy and takes about 5 seconds to have it up and running.

This guide is written for new users who are looking to learn on how to use the link tracking and the branded link shortening functions in their account.
You need a verified email to start receiving incoming traffic data.

Using the Link Tracker

Log into your account and head to Links – Add New.

You can also use the shortcuts at your home screen when logging into your account.
  1. Paste the full link that you want to track in the “Link URI” field.
  2. Name your tag something that helps you identify it.

After filling the fields, click on “CREATE” to have your link shortened and tagged into the system.

Dont worry if you use the wrong name of paste the wrong link, you can change them anytime you want.

Publishing your link

Use the shortened link anywhere you want!

You can post it on social media, your profile bios, on forums and basically anywhere, it will track activity every time its used and give you the analytics you expect on real time.

Customizing your link

Have you heard about branded short links?

They refer to the ability to write your own name for the shortener tag, let us explain this in the following way.

Link shortening works by using the info after the “/” character, for example:

This is a standard, system-generated tag to find your link and redirect your audience to your original link.

You can customize this in your account to be whatever you want, it will look like this:

This allows you to make your shortened links match your brand style!

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