Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the monthly traffic limit work?

    All accounts have a certain traffic limit that blocks any extra data after being triggered. Once this limit is reached, you will have to wait until the start of the next month to resume receiving data.

    This limit resets at the start of every month and is not cumulative, meaning that the traffic stored from each month does not count towards the next month’s traffic limit amount.
  • How to contact support?

    You have two ways to contact support.

    1. Contact us on Twitter by sending us a direct message with any issue you got.
    2. Contact us by joining our Discord server and talking directly to the Tageri Team.
    If you need help with your account’s data or resources, go to your account Options – Support to generate a PIN that our team can use to help you.
  • How do i verify my email?

    A verification email is sent at the moment that you successfully create an account.

    Check your inbox for the message and click on the verification button inside.

    Verifying your email will enable your account to start receiving traffic data.
    Remember to check your spam or junk inbox in case you dont see the message in a short time after registering, sometimes it ends up in there for some reason.
  • How do i create an account?

    Go to the account registration site and use your email to create a new account.

    After this you can verify your email right away or later when you are ready to start receiving traffic data.
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